Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Have you ever had so much to say that words just didn't seem to be enough? I mean words just didn't seem to be the method in which you could transfer meaning to these thoughts. I've tried, countless times to commit myself to writing. When I was younger, it came so simple. Words just seemed to spill on the pages from my heart. It was easy to find inspiration. Life was so full of hope and wonder. Life was a lot simpler. And maybe that's what it is. Life used to be a lot simpler. Some how I have let all these years catch up with me and the simple has compound into this complex mound of baggage. I have tried so desperately to get back to the man I used to be, never accepting that we all change. To change is to progress. We are not the people we used to be for a reason. I, just need to come one with this revelation and accept the change. See, I look at what my life used to be and the differences between the then and the now, is time. Sure, I've gotten a few more grey hairs, maybe a bruise or two, both metaphorically and physically, but time can make a simple thing more complex. And maybe the complexity of life lies in my changing views. But how does this all effect my wring. I speak words in my heart, my life is a  transcript of the greatest story ever told, yet I lack the words to convey my message to you. 
Greeting people of the artistic world! It has been so long since I have graced the pages of this wonderful blog. I was pleased to see that there are still many who come and read my post. If you have been touched, inspired, reached a revelation, liked, loved, hated. or anything that has sparked an emotional charge by my post, please comment below! I want to connect with you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear fans, it has been a while since I have made a new post. I suppose my excuse is I have been out gathering material. You know.. Life, that is.  I have been living life seeking inspiration to touch the hearts of millions and nourish the dreams of our youth in hopes to spark the mind that will one day change this world. But in the mean time, I leave you with this...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alone: In a Library of People

I know this may seem cliche', but in a room full of people, I sometimes feel alone. The irony in such a statement is the fact that it holds so much truth. As I sit amongst the masses, I allow my eyes to wander. I bare witness to the people emerged in conversation. I witness the many others, physically alone, mingling with their eyes. I see the "populars", the life of the parties if you will and I realize how alone we really are. The experiences, tragedies, trials, tribulations, goods, and bads all has brought us to this brief moment in time. Though we are there, in the company of others, how together are we really? We are usually so engulfed in our own thoughts, our own motives, our futures, our past, that we are essentially alone in this room full of people. In this library of experience I scan the faces for their story. I search for the laughter in a wrinkle. The weight of the world on hunched shoulders. The trip ups of life in a limp. The wisdom of the soul through each individuals eyes. I read each detail like a personal synopsis to the story of their lives. So many untold stories in one room, makes me realize how small our world really is and how alone I really am. If only I could get the time to speak with each individual person. To learn their lives, to hear their stories. Then maybe I would feel a sense of connection. A sense of togetherness. As people we are so withdrawn from knowing one another on an intimate level. It baffles me to realize that people we have known for years, whom we consider friend, yet we couldn't tell one their dreams and aspirations, their fears. Sure we can tell you their favorite color, the city they were born in, maybe even who they are in a relationship with, but so can hundreds of their Facebook friends. To truly know someone is to know their story. The experiences that has shaped their lives and made them the person they are at this very moment. When you have gained this insight, been granted the opportunity to have this connection, maybe then in a room full of people, it won't seem so lonely.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A speech that just makes sense... Common Sense!

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Common recently at Oakland University. Ha gave a refreshing, yet inspirational speech focused on the topic of "Greatness". A very humble man and a very poised speaker, Common takes the audience on a personal journey throughout his life and career. The audience was able to connect with the Hip Hop icon's sensitive and humorous side. But let me not keep you waiting, feel free to judge for yourself. Below, are the videos of the speech I actually got a chance to record. The video quality isn't the best, but the message is definitely clear. Enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

She Got Her Own!

Shout out to all my stay at home fathers out there.

Women today are embracing corporate and executive positions that demand them to be away from home and their families for extended periods of time. Regulating men to domesticated duties.

The percentage of female breadwinners has grown significantly. Today women are out graduating men in college and contributing to their households more than ever. In short, They Getting That Bread.

In the 1940`s as men went to support the war effort they left both their families and respective work at home to fight over seas. As a result of the lack of men to fill the factories and jobs across the country, women went to work in unprecedented numbers. This influx of women in the work changed how men thought of themselves.

Back then, and for some today, a man without work is depressing, horrible and despicable. Today this feeling is no stranger to new "Stay at home dads" and men not "Bringing home the bacon."

But to all of you miserable men because your lady is making the money. Get over it! Support it! Women, for a long time were only regulated to domesticity. As a result of both merit and hard work, more and more ladies are deserving and accepting  roles as CEO`s, Partners and Executives.

I see you ladies!

To my future CEO lady out there  I`ll change them diapers, feed them babies, read them stories and clean the house BUT baby make sure I get my Cal (me) time too when you're free.

Its time to give it up to all my ladies and fellas doing their thing. Genuine support comes in complimentary not competitive ways. So if your lady is bringing home the bread, and you the "MAN" are storing it, get over it. Play your role, be thankful you have it. Being a man, is First, being the teammate and support system to Woman.

Shout out to all my Stay at Home Fathers out there enabling their ladies to achieve great successes from the BEDROOM to BOARDROOM and BEYOND.

Cal`s Message to Lamardelorians

Thank you to the people at Lamar Delores for the space to share  my most intimate of thoughts, emotions, and inquiries.

I want YOU to; struggle with, laugh at, make fun of, relate to, discuss, break down, think about, argue, take to the street, get high and wonder on, illuminate,explicate, emotionally outburst to, lie to your girlfriend/boyfriend about, tell a friend some,chew on, BS about, AND read as much as you can handle.

_ I have read and understand the above disclaimer.

Cal & Company 2011


I  eat famous biographies for breakfast, novels for lunch, and classics for bed time. I have decided it is time to pick up metaphorical pen and share with all of you...

Your favorite talker turned reader.

Ladies and gentlemen prepare for a refreshing combination of coolness and sophistication similar to a mint.

"I am me. You are who are you. I want all of you to enjoy this experience with no biases other than that of your own, which will subsequently be altered or shut down"

Much Love,
El Caldwell II